Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Going To America Part I

Each of this children wants to enter America

Going To America Part I Introduction:
A friend sent me a mail with the name and address of a young lady as the sender. I did not have time to read the mail so I just copied the phone number that when I had time I will call her. One day I called. She asked me who I was “ Rev Ayuk” I replied. “Where are you calling from”? She asked again. I am calling from the United States. “You mean America”? She insisted. I said “yes mam”. She asked “what do you want”? I said my friend gave me this number to call. So I asked her age and she told me she was 15. I said well we cannot then continue because you are too young. The young lady retorted “how old are you”? “33-34” I responded . Then she said, “well you are in America right? Then I will marry you”. So I said “noo you are too young” she said “I have my older sister pastor. You can take her”.
I have heard people could do all to go overseas. Sadly, I have not really felt it like I did on that day with the girl. Almost every African wants to go overseas. The recent incidents in Italy and Spain stand as tall proofs. It would seem the American Embassies especially the one in Cameroon encourages people to bring fake documents. I have always wondered why only most people with fake documents enter the US. Going to heaven should be the place we should seek with even our blood and not going overseas.
At times, those who want to go may consult a witchdoctor who will counsel them to eat their own excreta or feces. I wonder what it tastes like. I have drunk my own urine when a herbalist told me it cures eye problems. It instead made my eyes worse.
Then when you visit Christian meetings, you hear the faithfuls praying for God to turn the heads of the consular officer. I heard a young man say “please, God set her into confusion that once she sees my doki she will not know they are fake”. A prayer in a church said “God, turn the heart of that woman inside out. If she does not give it, let her be taken away from that post for refusing a servant of God a visa”. Hahahahahaha. Poor consular officer. If God was honoring every prayer against that woman, she would have been walking in Marche Mokolo naked now. I have been praying for her.
People have used phoney exchange programs to go overseas. Then when they reach here, they don’t even go to school anymore. Those who are wise and graceful use their kins’ documents. I remember a family that used the same passport for the four sisters. Another young man used the passport of his taller brother and still succeeded. He was 5.4 feet tall while his brother was 5.9 tall. When the immigration officer asked him why he is now short, he said he had a bone disease that is making him to shrink to the floor. You smile don’t you. The he produced a medical certificate; D=o=k=i.. He did not even care about the height. Fortunately, he passed.
Some go to the embassy with a woman and borrowed kids they have trained to be calling them papa. I remember a friend who told me he took his uncle’s wife and their two kids. In front of the officer one of them said Uncle Tom I want to go back home. The officer asked if those were their kids. He said “yeah this one has not lived with me now for long that he does not know I am their father. Boy, I am your father. If you call me again onku if I go to America you will not go”. He warned the young man. Am my breaking your lungs?
Others have visited Mallams and witchdoctors to even sell their fingers or part of their bodies if they could be assured they will enter the US. The witch doctors says “my wata na yi be luck”. So he clears the bush of this virgin. Others use transplanting of visas in passports. Some become some traditional chief.
I remember quite well a young man who told me he acted as a fon by taking a group of people he met in the street. He bought clothes from Mokolo, gave them to wear and took them to the embassy. Their job was just to by crying Mbeh Mbeh. I said what village is your fondom again, he said Jakirintu. You smile don’t you. May someone help me to find that on the map p-lea-se. The guard was from Bamenda and could not just resist the Fon from Jakirintu. Smile again. Your fon is coming to the US.
I saw another young man who only entered the US with the passport of a journalist he faked dead. Our failure to qualify for world cup would hinder many who would have entered Europe and later cross over to the US. Some of the people who have had visas had the following reasons birthday, wedding, graduation and many others of my friend, mother, aunt, sister.
Then sometimes I have wondered how Christians would (with their own conscience) enter the US for a Christian meeting first that does not exist and then immediately file for Asylum. If they died in the course of their sin, where will they go? My friend told me to give my documents to my young brother to travel. I told him I was not into that. He said everybody is doing it. He told me that his own “very pastor has a problem now because he sent his passport to another friend to come and the passport was caught. But that was after he made many to enter here” he emphasized. I am not blaming them. They are fighting for survival.
That pricks my heart a great deal and I feel I should share this passage from Ruth 1:1-14. The purpose of this lesson is to show you that God has no limit in his blessings. And when He does, it is not associated with any evil. Therefore, anyone who will wait on the Lord like a patient dog will eat the fattest of God’s blessings. This series, Going Overseas is to encourage those who intent to go abroad to stay faithful, use the truthful and rightful means, and count on God no matter the cost and time. It took me a long time to win the DV but at last, God came to my rescue. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you (MT 6:33).
Until then, let the Lord be the center of our actions.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

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