Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Epitaph to Theresia Mbi

It came like a shock that my sister Therese has passed away on Tuesday the 16th of May, 2006. In that afternoon the premonition and presentiment were sentient of bad news on its way. I pondered and introspected my inner person if the Lord was admonishing me of something. I confessed and reconfessed peradventure I had a hidden sin I knew not. Then to cover myself of all danger I invoked IS 54:17. Little did I suspect Therese was the next name on God’s roll. A young vibrant woman consumed by sickness at 41. She smiled with strangers as though they were her cronies. She would never have been guilty when Jesus said “if you greet only people you know how different are you from the non Christians”. A great community leader and motivator who associated herself with community oriented people. She attended wakes and funerals, sang and danced as though she knew she would be next. Oh sister where art thou?

Oh my sister, you were so dear to me. Unfortunately, you slip away as though avoiding us from saying have a safe trip. I know you left unfinished business. Fret not; we shall tread on the path you began. If it is God’s will that you go away, like a fly in a spider’s web we can do nothing. But if not, may death release you back into our arms. Please, go not so early and not too fast. You brother has lost sleep. Quandaries have never snipped away my sleep but your departure steals all my diurnal visions and nocturnal dreams. Look what time I am writing. Oh sister, where art thou?

Therese, is that your husband” neighbors always asked. “Oh, don’t you know this one? He is my second follower.” Therese will reply. “I almost said you resemble a lot” neighbors will retort. You were always loved by your neighbors and those who know you. You neither hoarded nor amassed happiness to yourself. Such was the trouble-free world view of life you leave behind; ironically, the same philosophy that will apocopate your 42nd year due in June. Oh, sister where art thou?
In the midst of my afflictions have been thine exhortations and edifications. Where are thine jokes? Even in thine dead bed thou jokest about thyself. Silver and gold you did not have but the joy you had was the chattel of all. Oh sister where art thou?

God, I need Therese back. Others’ I healed but mine, I was powerless. No matter how I bended my knees and bewailed, the tidings reminded me I was a mere clay and thou art the Potter. May You be glorified!

Therese, if it is the will of God, Please, go in peace. If not, don’t wait until the Resurrection Day because it will take long for my tears to dry away. If you can shake off the shackles of death and come to us please do so. Oh sister where art thou! Oh sister……..

Until then, though death has separated us now it will only be for a time.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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