Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Britney Spears: Victim of American Media Schadenfreude

Janette and the superbowl
Britney at the MTV
Can anyone tell me which other country in the world has stupidity shared on TV like the US in what we call Paparazzi? Do not forget that the paparazzi desire to be in the same shoes like the celebrity. That is why they do a lot with jealousy and delectation. They are people who could not make it in life and now think that they will make it by taking the picture of a celebrity and banging it on the media as news. Can anyone tell me why washed-out tabloids and journalists run berserk the life of a young woman until she cries and people rejoice? Can anyone tell me why news with someone who made it and is now falling a big hit to the society nowadays? It would seem the American media has sold schadenfreude to the people, and the people watch and dream schadenfreude.

This is an example of lack of loyalty for publicity: when a former bodyguard spills the beans on the one time confidante. When will people learn to be loyal and trustworthy? When your friend is down, that is when you should support them the more. That course is called Loyalty 101.

Who amongst us would rejoice seeing the younger sister go through what Britney is going? If you have a lot to write, you have a lot to say. If you don’t have a lot to say, you run after individuals and their little private lives.

On another note; when I hear people protesting against Janette Jackson’s nipple during the Super Bowl until CBS is being fined by the Federal Communication Commission, I wonder what type of hypocrisy is that. Pornography is really high in the US. Anytime a star goes naked (exposes the genitals) their ratings go up. From Paris to Hudgens, and Parker to Saradon stars have gone naked and instantly became millionaires and sweethearts. Who are those watching the naked stars then? Can’t the FCC see that?

The pressure is working against her. I guess when she takes a drug overdose and kills herself that is when these people would be happy. What is the society doing to protect and preserve a life in turmoil like that of Britney? On the contrary, it is a joke for networks and comedians. They are glad to see her fall and tumble. What a shame!

The problem is not these stars, but the society that makes it a deal when they go naked. If you sell coconut and no monkey eats it, you will look for bananas. The media has made them role models; a role they could and cannot mimic. It is pure wickedness to be pursuing someone to their pigeon holes as news and people being excited. One wants to watch morning news and that is all they get. What a callous schadenfreude called paparazzi.

Until then, let losers learn to mind their business.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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