Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Anthrax and Ebola Are Not From African Monkeys and Chimpanzees.

Anthrax and Ebola Are Not From African Monkeys and Chimpanzees.

A doctor had this topic sentence: “hunting for primate ( bushmeat) in Africa is on the rise, and unless work is done to reduce the demand for primate meat, many species could disappear within a few short years”. This spells out his and his masters intentions. The “work to be done” is to set fear in the hearts of Africans. It is a tactic to curb the consumption of bush meat. Remember, they have tried to discourage people, and they know that the only way to frighten people is to say it transmits diseases.[1]

The secret is that the primate war is above the western world, and Anthrax is a better tactic against the indigenes and autochthones. They have already scared some gorilla and chimpanzee meat out of the mouth of some Africans until they are pleading for the government to intervene as fast as possible. Why is anthrax killing the chimpanzees and gorillas in Koupe only now? A young man was arrested last year and sentenced to one month in jail for trying to sell a live chimpanzee from that same park. The government said it was to teach the rest of the people a lesson. Look at this video and tell me how you want these people to survive without eating primates or bushmeat.[2]

In the failed western attempt to control the killing and consumption of these primates, they are left to interweave bundles of fabrications. They are now conveying another uncouth theory that will frighten people from eating the primates. The CDC says anthrax does not spread from one person to another[3]. Now, you must use your common sense!

So why are they telling people in Cameroon that anthrax will soon be attacking people? They know that can only be possible if you touch or eat any animal with anthrax. And saying that the chimpanzees and gorillas have been tested positive from Belgium with anthrax bakes enough fear to burn the appetite and hyperopia for bush meat out of most Cameroonians. So here you have again the West trying to control the consumption of bushmeat with the trepidation of a disease. Since when did the Cameroon Gov’t start to be worried about two dead chimpanzees and Gorillas?

Mr. Nkeng was jailed for selling a life chimpanzee but read well the intention of his conviction. It "will send a strong signal to people that they cannot just eat any type of animal, anytime,"[4]

Alluding to Congo and Uganda being ravaged by Ebola exponents forgot to remind the people the pandemic abilities of Ebola. Anthrax has not got such abilities to move from humans to humans. AIDS can move from humans to humans but not anthrax. Mad cow disease can stay in the animal for a long time and does not even kill within the time limit that if any living thing contracted anthrax would be. So using that as an argument to prove that anthrax could move from person to person or could live in living organisms for long is fictitious.

Though the “incubation periods for some virus are still unknown in different environments” we are dealing here with a specific case; anthrax whose incubation period has been observed, hypothesized, experimented and theorized as unable to effectuate a human crossover..

Notwithstanding, since "chimpanzees and gorillas are closest to humans in genealogy of life both in DNA and in behavioral patterns" why only now when the two “species” have been interacting and so would have been contracted ere long. Why only now?

Adversaries try to rebut my arguments, but they do not prove either that it is no hoax. Africans seem to live in the era when children were told that if they ate eggs, they will steal. If you don’t have a better way of deceiving the people, go learn it. That will not suffice. Those who oppose Africans eating bushmeat do not propose a better and cheaper way of replacing the protein that the people would have had by eating it. Let me consider a couple reasons why I totally do not agree with that theory.

First, it is not today that hunters have been getting in contact with those monkeys. We have been interacting with these monkeys for years. If the disease was living from monkeys to humans then we would have had it ere long. [5]

Secondly, which thick forests have Cameroonians not entered that expatriates are the ones to come and discover those species. We knew about them even if we did not have a name for them.

Thirdly, the pigmies have been eating bushment, yet they are the healthiest people on this planet. Pigmies who do not even live in houses, live longer than some of these people crying diseases in Africa. If you visit Mouloundou in eastern province, your eyes will celebrate Christmas.

Fourthly, monkeys are not only in Africa or Cameroon; they are in Latin America and Asia. Why don’t they emphasize the same threats? The answer is simple. Since these other continents do not consume bushmeat as Africans do, that is why all the diseases are breaking up but in Africa. Why don’t they fight against the extinction of the black cobra, mamba, python and viper that are also eaten daily? These scientists know those snakes are enough danger in themselves that they wouldn’t waste their time to tell you. You will learn while the last meal is still in your pot and some flesh still in your teeth.

Five years ago, they wrote on captions that in the next five years we will no more be wearing shoes because Nigeria is eating all the leather when a journalist found out that in Nigeria people were eating the skin of the cow.[6] The government quickly began threatening people with arrests. Canda (skin) meat became scarce. Today they realize there is another way to make shoes than rely on leather and now the threat is no more there.

The reason why they persist with this Anthrax in Chimpanzee doctrine is that there is no other way to make monkeys that allow their reproduction in those forests. Unto them, I say this: you are cloning humans already; go ahead, clone monkeys and leave the poor Africans alone.

Let me brief you on Ebola. It is not an airborne virus from river Ebola. Initially, it came from the river to humans and later began affecting primates. Ebola did not start from primates to humans. After the first discovery in DRC- former Zaire, they found it in Sudan and then in the Philippines just to confirm the idea that it is an airborne disease. Like any pestilence or epidemic, it must be discovered and where it is discovered first will be declared the birthplace. That is how Ebola was declared to have started in Zaire in 1976.[7] Who knows if it did not start from the Philippines? Simply because it was not first discovered in another place does not mean it did not start there.

The greatest threat to Africans is not “bushmeat disease” but hunger, bad governance and AIDS. Those who refuse Africans from eating monkeys and chimpanzees should provide them with food. All that matters to them is how to reserve the primates while they have food to eat. Let them spend the money they are spending on educating people and bribing these doctors (to come out and make these statements) and give for the research of AIDS drugs. Therefore, if I were you, I will eat the bushmeat as much as I can. I like especially the thighs of the monkey and porcupine. I like pangoline, but it has a smell I don’t like. I will learn how to hunt then apply for a license that I will carry home and do some smart hunting.

Until then, I urge you to check the video below.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk


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