Friday, September 21, 2007

The Alphabet of Life


A- At least six months of engagement will be enough eye-opener!
B- Believe all you hear for fear you trust no one.
C- Call it simple only when you have the answer or you carry the sign fool.
D- Disputes can’t injure great friendship; they strengthen them.
E- Even at 100 you will talk if you marry the person you like to talk to.
F- First sight love is necessary to avoid last chance meeting.
G- Give everything cheerfully not grudgingly if you want God’s love.
H- Have compassion for hurters because one day you may need it too.
I- Immediate steps to correct a mistake show it was unintentional.
J- Judge people by actions and neither by their relatives nor by their past.
K- Know why you lost and you will never lose the same thing.
L- Love always has some hurts when it breaks apart if it was genuine.
M- Mean it when you say: "I love you” for great love entails risk.
N- Never call your partner names, even when you are angry. They stick easily!
O- Open your mind when talking with other people if you hate ignorance.
P- People who don't dream don't stride, instead they blame the past.
Q- Quiet moments are necessary in life if you want to invent anything.
R- Responsibility, self-respect and mutual respect should be your bed.
S- Success always has brothers but failure is an orphan and lone child.
T- Talk little, listen attentively but think big because that is smartness.
U- Unity builds the weakest group while disunity will break the strongest.
V- Vacate a topic each time undesirable questions show up.
W- When saying “I’m sorry” look the person in the eye. They will believe.
X- Xenomania is the brother to the country that is constantly in the news.
Y- Youngsters think they know more than their parents. Am I lying?
Z- Zero tolerance is only when others sin. That is hypocrisy!

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