Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vote for Either Dogs or Humans

Vote for either Dogs or Humans.

The Atlanta Falcons quarterback is being indicted for dog-fighting business. Most blacks cry racism and think that it is a ploy by the white supremacists to prevent a black quarterback from becoming a Superbowl winner. Apparently this saga rages within racial divides. “References to lynching, the n-word and OJ do suggest something besides love of animals”. Surely many don’t know Doug Williams won the Super Bowl with Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Still, this case should not be regarded on racial divides rather a case of misplaced priorities. It shows that most Americans prefer animals to humans.
“Between 1979 and 1996, there were 60 fatal attacks across the country by pit bulls on humans. The second-worst record was for rottweilers, with 29 fatal attacks, followed by German shepherds with 19”. A 7-year-old Minneapolis boy Zachary King was mauled to death from the throat by a pit-bull which had previously bitten other people. In May 2007, a dog shot its 21 year owner on the back. Four pit pulls escaped their owner's yard and mauled a child after chasing him across four lanes of traffic. On June 29, 2007 a pit bull attacked and killed a 62-year-old Dallas woman who was visiting a relative in Deltona. Yet the numbers of placards seeking their banishment were relatively smaller than those seeking for Vick’s banishment.
When a cat gets stuck on pole or a horse in a pool of mud, the entire city and even federal authorities are mobilized to safe the animal. People put braces on the teeth of their dogs. There are dogs with health insurance while some seniors lack prescription coverage in great America. Some prefer that a dog be treated to children having health care. After all, dogs are the best friends of humans. If you don’t have humans for friends and dogs are your best friends, then you have missed the point of living with people. You should gather your things and move to the forest. Remember in other countries,  people eat dogs as delicacies.
In China, Nigeria, Mexico, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, and almost the whole of Far East Asia, dog eating is a long lasting tradition where dogs are bred to be eaten. With their populations, we can infer that the majority of humans eat dogs. The Japanese were asked by Koreans to stop hunting and eating whales. The Japanese responded that they have not asked them not to eat dogs. Russian civilians ate dog meat with the scarcity of food during Operation Babarosa. Another man’s meat is the other’s poison. How different are dogs from the cows and chickens we slaughter daily? In Marietta GA, there is a household that keeps a pig as a pet. You should adopt a child and spend that love on.
To this end some people argue that these people are killing for food while Vick is killing for fun. Vick killed for fun, and we kill for food. Kri steals for food, but Kra steals for fun. If a thief was caught stealing even if it was for food, he will be punished seven times (Prov 6:30). There is a pertinent question we must ask. How much love do we have for our neighbors?
It is a problem that no one wants to face. How can human beings shift their love to animals to an extent that they prefer animals and give preference to them than fellow human beings? Mary Winkler shoots the minister husband on the back while he is asleep and she gets seven months in jail and we are talking about sentencing a human being for cruelty to animals for a much longer period, his economic tentacles severed and image broiled with mud from the crocodile pond.
Why should a dog have company when there are people in nursing homes with none? Why should a dog have a $24.000 surgery when there is a poor child somewhere lacking basic treatment to survive? Dogs have enough food to eat and houses to live, but the cousins of the same people are homeless. The money that was used in investigating Clinton ($40 millions) could have been used to wipe out all childhood diseases worldwide. Should a veteran be begging for basic amenities when dogs, horses and cats live in affluence? I mean; a man who gave his life to save the rest of us. Veterans standing by the corners of the streets, begging for food with placards: “I am a Vietnam veteran. I need some food” while animals have enough money poured into their industry for research?
The first great commandment is to love God %100 and then love your neighbor as you love yourself. Your neighbor is not a dog; he or she should be a human being. Until we do that; this world will be a place guided by hypocrisy. Those resources should be used in solving some of the unsolved murder cases. Though I acknowledge there should be a consequence for breaking the law, but it should be proportionate to the crime. Vick’s punishment is disproportionate to crime.

Until then, let us get our priorities straight!

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