Friday, August 24, 2007

Televangelist: Juanita Bynum’s Husband Bishop Weeks assaults her in a hotel parking lot.

When I heard it, I was not surprised. In a country where people regard animals more than human beings, human relationships do not have a chance to survive. I mean in a country where few resist abortions, where Mary Winkler shoots her preacher husband on the back while he is asleep and is sentenced to 7 months in jail; while, a man who killed dogs hears a unison sang by many leading him to the gallows like a captured mass murderer.

I feel disappointed that Bishop Weeks as the man was unable to control the situation that he had to fight in the parking lot with his estranged wife. One thing I have learnt is that never make a decision when you are angry; it is never a good one. The Bible says that the woman is a weaker vessel, so he would have known that by her running after him in the parking lot there was going to be trouble. Unfortunately, most of us do not consider the repercussions of our actions. Sometimes I go extra mile to clarify situations not because I need something but because I do not want people making rash decisions that will affect those behind me. I mean I do not want others to pick my broken vase.
Except Christianity gets converted from emotions to the mind, it remains tintinnabulations. Without being judgemental; those same theories of Bynum which most do lack biblical backings will not allow her to submit to her husband. That is the reason why most Female Tele evangelists are single. They have won the feminist battle but lost that of keeping a home.

Most Christian women have quickly embraced the tenets of feminism and rejected the orthodoxy of Christianity. Now marriage has become a reclusive turncoat of try by error. The number of divorces in the Christian homes outnumbers those of the non Christians that one has to wonder if there is a difference between the Christians and the non Christians. Except the order of the Bible: “wives submit yourselves to your husbands as unto the lord” is respected, such melodrama enacted by Bynum and Weeks yesterday is the mime Christendom and the society will regularly and freely be entertained. Since she was married, she was never called Mrs. Weeks. She has maintained her last and first name just to show you that the man Weeks is not her head. This marriage has taken too long to fail. However, whether the egg falls on the rock or the rock falls on the egg, the egg is the one that suffers. Christianity is the one bearing the brunt of these unfortunate circumstances.

Until then; lauds and vespers must increase for Christendom.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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