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How to maintain good health and weight.

My Birthday is July 21, and I wanted to share with you why for more than 15 years I have not been to the hospital because I am sick. Once a year I have gone to the hospital for medical checkup. Apart from that; God has shown me the way to stay healthy and strong. If you are struggling to stay healthy and lose weight please try this. I will be off the net for some time but if you have a particular question, please email me with my name as the subject. However, if you don’t like this writing just delete it; I would not even know you deleted it. This practice has helped me and others who have tried it and today they are ambassadors of the good practice. As you see me in that picture I have been weighing the same thing since 1986. I am 5:10 and weigh 175 lbs. This practice is from years of examining the Bible and correlating it with scientific facts.

The bulk of the time we are thirsty and not hungry. So if you are feeling hungry before your meal time drink some water. There are many natural immune boosters that individuals need to take without necessarily coming from a rich background. From eating enough fruits and vegetables daily, we would get the necessary vitamin, acids and calcium needed for a healthy body that can repel diseases. We do not even need these artificial vitamins flooding our markets today. They come with all their side effects that affect you as you run out your years. Enough sleep; eight hours a day would cure diseases and extend your life. Most of our troubles come from stress and since our immune system has been broken down already we easily get sick. The mood now is to drink coke or coffee immediately as we get up from sleep. Coke, coffee and sodas are diuretics (dehydrating substances). 70% of our blood is made of water, and water does not only serve as a refresher, but a cleansing agent and transporter in your blood vessel ( ). Enough fruits and vegetables ( ) will take away many diseases, help you lose weight and build your immune system. There is no better way to fight high blood pressure and diabetes than this. Start taking this concoction by the end of the month and after three months let me know how far you have gone.
Avoid the shortcut to drink fruit juice only. Fruit juice may be good but not too good due to its procession and preservation methods. Take the patience to blend those fruits every morning or twice a week.
N.B. A special advice to American men; if you will practice this advice the rate of erectile dysfunction will be curbed down because more than 18 million men are affected ( ). Young boys; younger than me are flirting with Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. What for? After 40 the equipment finally goes kaput. This is for both men and women; if you want your equipments to function even after 70 you must build it when you are young with fruits, vegetables, exercise, and sleep and avoid unnecessary stress. If you do not do that there comes a time when even the oral medication will be insufficient for a dysfunctional sexual life. To the Africans; if you do this you don’t need bitter cola and Guinness. Someone will be crawling uninvited just immediately as you desire. Who do you think is crawling? You smile, don’t you?
A word of caution: do not forget that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Some men like big women while others like the ones like tadpoles. Some women like big men while others like the skinny ones like stockfish. But first, beauty is for the individual and if you like the way you weigh and look then don’t mind whatever people say. That means; if you don’t want to lose weight even though you are big, don’t quarrel me; just be happy. The American and western women face more that problem of weight because most western men think that beauty is in size. Before Africans considered curvy or thick and not being skinny as being beautiful. So if a western woman is struggling with weight she should revise her priority of dating only American men. She should adjust and face the reality that there is another group of people that like her size; the Latin Americans and Africans. They should travel to the Bahamas and other places where people who like their size are or visit those communities. Nevertheless, this does not mean that is the appetite for all men.
Anyway, let me remind you how you can stay healthy, lose weight and maintain your weight.

1. Cleansing:
A. Ingredients
Raw honey
Peak Milk
Lime or lemon
B. Directions: two spoonfuls of honey, half tin of 12 oz milk and two limes. Stir well and heat for 1 minute in microwave and then stir.
N.B. It should be done thrice each month; first thing to take in the morning and last thing to eat in the night. It cleanses the blood vessels to enable a smooth flow of blood in your system. Check the importance of a healthy blood vessel ( ).

2. Breakfast. Take the following fruits and vegetables
A. Ingredients.
i.. Cantaloupe
ii. Watermelon
iii. Grapefruit
iv. Papaya
v.. Guava
vi. Banana
vii. Broccoli
viii. Spinach or any other green leafy vegetables
B. Directions. Blend everything with the seeds (except for papaya) and drink a glassful 30 mins after the cleansing agent on the day you are doing the cleansing or if you are not doing the cleansing, drink it first thing. It replaces breakfast. It lasts a lot longer and resists hunger.
N.B for the papaya: you will take out the seeds, dry them in the oven and then blend them into powder. Take a spoonful with some honey inside three days consecutively. It kills worms, stomach ulcers and stomach diseases.
3. To build your immune system: blend carrots and garlic; add some little raw honey for preservation and you eat before you go to bed so that by the time you get up the scent of garlic has subsided in your mouth.

4. Walk daily or do some little exercise for 5-10 minutes.

5. After all this is done; you have done your part to stay healthy. Leave the rest for God to work his miracle as you abide in prayers.

Things to avoid: too much salt, sweet things other than raw honey, eating in between meals, fried stuff, fried oil, oily foodstuff and late night meals.

Until then, beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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