Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Marie was a young girl who used to sing in a church. She was the type that the phrase “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” corresponded without a second guess. She had such beauty that made men scramble to give her a lift if she needed one. There were men that would want to give her one of their eyes if she had just a speck. If it was raining, they gave her the umbrella while they walked in her company under the rain. She was popular in church; not for her singing but for her beauty.

As such, young men saw visions and old men dreamt dreams of wedding her. They lined up after each church service with each of them struggling to have an opportunity to place their application. As many as placed them, she did all to reject them; some immediate and others later. It became a challenge to most young men to try and see who will finally be the lucky winner. Love poems were written and love stories were told with the intention of winning Marie, yet all ended in her waste basket.

She was beautiful, and she knew it. She played with the hearts of men like Hera toyed with Hercules'. She could lift you up and drop you down. She was not a church leader, but she could craft decisions because even those in authority appeased their lust with her company. The more popularity she ganered, the many more men she rejected.

As life walks with time, all these young people were tired running a race they knew they will never win. As losers, they had to be contented with “shadows”. They got married to some of the waiting sisters. They now live their wives as happy as never before, with none regretting they ever missed Marie. Marie was perplexed that she could no more have advances.

Though singing of love, she lacked love, and she did not know how to tampon loneliness. She sang and danced of delectation, but she was burning with misery and anxiety. Before the church could know it, Marie had left the church and eloped with a non-Christian who did all to thump her fearfully and wonderfully made image to a sample of surgery-gone-bad. Tired of all the abuse, she ran back into the church. In church, she gradually regained her beauty, but she now has to face the visitation of Men-o- Pause.

Though Marie is single and ready to mingle, she is still single and looking with no advances. Her beauty is fading with entropy beckoning her body as would every human. The future is bleak with occasional flashes of sperm donors and players. She is now desperately knocking on the wrong doors and gate crashing the wrong places, all, to no avail! Marie has lost many opportunities in search of Mr. Passpartout or soulmate who lives in heaven.

As for those who are in the single market, if you are single and ready to mingle, be vigilant how you reject your pretenders. At a given time, they will be scarce because all the ones God sent to you were not good enough. They were not good enough because you made them not good enough. At a given time, only the people you do not want, will run after you, but those you want will flee away from you.

You know you are beautiful, but you can’t seem to lay a hand on a husband. You know you are handsome (even the lady’s man), but you are lonely like the clock’s second hand. It moves alone, and when it stops around the minute or hour hand, you know there is trouble. It never seems to have anyone to walk with. Let’s know that our bodies change and time waits for no one. Let’s learn from Marie and be wise not to look for Mr. Passpartout or Miss Passpartoute who do not even exist. If not, we will be reenacting “Waiting For Godot”. The market is crowded, and the goods are scarce people. If by chance you see one that you could buy and adapt, gladly take it. The righteous shall live by faith, and God honors and helps those who want him to help them. There is no perfect man (Mr Right) or woman out (Ms Perfect) there for you. Human beings are like aubergines. Some have less maggots,but others are maggotsful. Just take yours and do a little bit of work.

Until then, just select the magotless and present it to God who with time will make it maggot free.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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