Sunday, August 5, 2007

Many Questions But Fewer Answers

Continents and nations, families and individuals are all searching the water to grasp answers in their lives. Here are some 2007 series of events that should make you think. On August 3rd, news outlets read: a blast in Pakistan kills four people, 20 millions people displaced because of floods in South East Asia. In Africa, 65 people drowned off the coast of Sierra Leone. Darfur; stands like a giant vitrine of Islamic cruelty. In the US, a bridge collapses into River Mississippi killing at least 5 and in Europe; heat wave claims 35 lives in southeast Europe. The British newspapers read: "new foot and mouth breakout". In addition, Europe is striking an arms deal with Libya. In Latin America, we read: "83 Cubans detained off the coast of Mexico" and "2 federal agents gunned down in Mexico". Finally, in Australia, a 21-year-old student today pleaded guilty to a string of sex attacks across Melbourne. Do these news items sound like something to search the water if we could grasp the answers? The world is coming to grips with itself seeing the limits of its folie de grandeur. Individually, we have many unanswered questions increasing daily; questions from our personal lives to those of our nations. Please take a look and see if you can find the answers to some of the questions we ask.

In our quest for answers, we embrace sex as top priority. The Maryland State Board of Education approved the Montgomery County Public School district's program promoting anal sex, homosexuality, bisexuality, and transvestitism as normal sexual variations despite serious opposition from pro-Life parents. This country does not need sex; it needs lasting marriages. Marriage is a covenant in love sexually administered. Sex is merely the honey we spice our love. If relationship was only sex then, Hollywood would be in a better predicament. Unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes. Claiming and disclaiming children is rocking our media due to irresponsible sex. Sex was made for one man, one woman until death do them part. The deviation from this principle has plunged humanity into the insatiable desire to fulfill sexual impulses wrongly. I guess because we want to have fun.

As you meet people today, their main motivation is the Have Fun Policy. Being high is part of the fun that humanity has selected. This self destructive principle is now ingrained, especially among the existentialist youths of today. A young man was asked in court, “are you on any known drugs?” “Now?” He asked the judge. The judge responded: “yes now, are you?” He is confused because it is now part of our culture. Do we see how the ones we love are dying to drugs? How quick are we forgetting Elvis Priestley, Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson? Jesus is the fullness of life. He gives peace that surpasses the use of drugs. I guess the love of money.

The love of money is causing havoc. Nowadays, though many women say they do not marry for money; they do however crave for mobile ATM machines. Those who lack want all, and those who have, do not want anyone to get. In 2012, Rolandas Milinavicius killed two of his employees because they kept asking him for a pay raise. James Sullivan was extradited from Thailand where he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for hiring a hit man who gunned down the wife- Lita Sllivan to avoid a bitter and potentially costly divorce. The love of money is the root of all evil. Do you love money? Evil is knocking on your door, and its desire is towards you. Perhaps we love money to solve the health issues plaguing us.

Health issues are more than we can handle. Almost every young child is walking with a can of vitamins. People are taking far more vitamins than they need. “Vitamin B6, for example, is sold in 500 mg tablets, although the RDA is a mere 2 mg for men and 1.6 mg for women”. Health insurance is skyrocketing rather than health for all. Statistics now show that STDs are causing havoc among our youth. “Approximately 20% of our population over the age of 12 has the herpes type 2 virus”.

Indeed, death is very precarious, but nowadays it seems more than ever before. People are dying now as if an angel of death is passing by. None of the people who died on the 2nd knew they would expire just like that. What is humanity? It is like a plant; it germinates in the morning and withers in the evening. You thought you are so important; that is why you think some people are inferior to you. Well when your day of death comes, please don’t die, say you are a VIP.

After my third visit for the week in a nursing home to pray for the people, a gentleman said: “you have visited us more than my family has done for the entire year”. We prayed, sang and I left as they requested for me to come back. The man that thinks he is more important than others should remember that diseases eat us both, and we wear our pants the same way; one leg and then the other. Look; all women answer natures call to the restroom or toilet; both carry children in their wombs. What diseases left undone crime will complete for both. Death will knock on each of our doors, soon and very soon, no matter our status.

“Five people ranging in age from 16 to 19 were killed in a street shooting early Saturday”. Dr. William Petit Jr’s wife and two daughters died in a fire that police said was ignited after a home invasion early Monday morning. “Jane Kuria fled Kenya in March 2001 after her husband was murdered by a cultural and religious sect that also subjected Jane to female genital circumcision, but she was murdered in her home with her two teen daughters in Powder Springs. Her son and the family friend at the home were both unconscious, but alive. Ironically, she finds death in the place she thought was her refuge. Listen to me: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman watches in vain. It is true there are Christians living like the Devil’s cousins, but that is because the church has allowed the world into the church. If the church prevents the world from having a seat on its altar, then its light will shine into the world, and crime will subside. Crime will not disappear because man has a sinful nature, but it will drop. Don’t you see crime tearing our families apart? Yes, we are experiencing a Familyquake!

Did you know it is now difficult to find whole families? Divorce is now in vogue and the kids are torn apart with visitation rights. Do you wonder where the kids copy bad etiquettes? The lamb always wags its tails each time the ewe does it. Ashley (17) always sat in class crying. The teacher asked her why she was crying. “Have I hurt you unconsciously?” “No, you are not the problem”. She replied. Nonetheless, daily she sobbed and cried. One day the teacher took her out and asked: “don’t you like my class or me?” “Mr. … it is not you; it is just that no one cares.” The teacher said: “Ashley, I am a man who cares.” He assured her. “I have not seen my father since five.” She exploded. God gracious, he was found with the help of the teacher. The irresponsible men having kids and abandoning them are the new social epidemic. Absentee parenting is breaking the bridge of happiness among the kids world wide. Listen: we will not find all the answers, but we will be happy in our searching for answers if we go back to God.

Until then, the lamb that rejects the ewe’s milk searches for food in the wolf’s hut.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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