Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Husband and Wife snatchers

We have heard many stories of women who have lost their husbands to other women, or men whose wives ran for other men. Some lost theirs to death, others to some unforeseen circumstance, and some to other women or men. The latter group behooves me more. Therefore, a husband or wife snatcher is the woman or man who takes the spouse of another woman or man. What other people call Husband or Wife Snatcher. It would seem it is not a new idea.

We have seen this same phenomenon with Harpalyce: the hunting princess, follower of Artemis in Greek Mythology. She hunted anything that moves until her people became wary of her, caught her and beat her to death. Her name even tells it all when the first two syllables of her name mean snatcher and the last part means wolf. Women and men who snatch the spouses of others are wolves. They are a wolves to the society, wolves to spouses and wolves to themselves. Unfortunately, despite some of the poetic justice they go through, the practice is still very rampant. Some have been shot dead point blank, others given a drink they never woke up, and some embraced with clinical lunacy. Homes have been shattered, friendships kaput, jobs lost, relationships wrecked and lives defunct because of snatchers.

There are many reasons why married people lose their spouses. The Bible says “a virtuous woman doeth good to her husband all the days of her life (Prov 31:12). There are three ways in which a woman could do good to her husband. The first is food, the second is sex and the third is a peaceful home. The Bible makes us understand that people work all the days of their lives simply because they want to have food on the table (Eccl 2:24; 3:22 ).

If there is no food on the table, your spouse will never be satisfied to stay. No human can downplay the importance of sex in marriage. Therefore, when a spouse becomes a frump, it is a tacit invitation to snatchers. If they treat sex as a reward to good behavior, it is a repellent to “foreign shops”. When sex becomes a weapon of  subjection or control, then a wolf was just given dinner. The spouse starts to flirt with a coworker, neighbor, best friend, church member, who angelically treats them with gratuitous sex and meals of a first class chef. If you are nagging the spouse daily, putting him down and laying thorns in the house with your mouth, another woman will wash and soothe his bleeding feet caused by your thorny words.
The secret of keeping a woman is loving her like Christ loved the church and died for her. No matter the church's foolishness, Christ is still there. No matter the number of times that the church falls, Christ is still there. No matter what little problem the church has, Christ is always there. Christ is always with the Church when she is facing hardship and when she is enjoying. The woman wants the man to always be there and listen to he narrate  meaningless stories. You should be there an agree with her, even when it does not make sense. When she hits her head on the wall, she will learn a lesson. However, the man must always follow.

When other women or “best friends” tell you that your husband is sleeping around, it is not out of love but ingeniously to knock you out of your home so that either you will become like them or give room to them. Most women who tell wives of men that their husbands are sleeping around, themselves are single, looking and ready to mingle. What do you think they are looking out there? They are gazing at wandering and stray spouses! Then they pick them up as a wolf does with a stray sheep. Before you know it, your best friend is in and you are out because you have itchy ears.

Don’t blame the society or your spouse for a snatched spouse. If a shepherd takes good care of his cattle, no wolf will snatch one. Husbands are like sheep: they easily stray off the herd because they always see the grass greener where danger looms, but your good treatment will retain them. Remember, men are influenced more by sight unlike women who are influenced by touch. A man just needs to see a good skirt to go berserk ;meanwhile, the woman needs some sweet talk and tender touch to appeal to her emotions. The she starts to turn her neck and pushing her hair like a fowl has an object stuck in its throat.

My friends, the single market is saturated and especially good men are scarce to a fault. The list of single women is too long which is normal because there are many more women on earth than men. If a girl rejects your application, drop it next door. It is like seeking for employment. You keep applying until a company employs you. If you have the goods, you should at least find a buyer. However, cut your coat according to your size. Just leave the one that is married, else you will become a wife snatcher.
Until then, do unto others what you want done unto you.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

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