Sunday, August 19, 2007

Does Family Life Matter Anymore?

The family was the first institution God established (Gen 1:28) because through it, the world and His plans come into being. Unfortunately, it would appear it is now the last institution man takes into cognizance. Marrying and raising kids should have been paramount to humanity. Regrettably, in the name of freedom, we have zingy people rescinding themselves to “I don’t want kids” and “I am on my fourth” some even “seventh marriage” with bigamy, digamy and polygamy mulcting the current age from monogamy (God’s prescription). Those who say “I do” ligate themselves to a bumble path that will never give them one. They seem to be “enjoying” their freedom from the traditional family grip. We are now imbued in perverted music, rightist media, censorship and anything Christian is currently relegated to the backbench, thereby placing the most important thing; Family Life into quietus.

At first, we thought of health for all in the year 2000, but today we are certain, we were Jacobizing ourselves; whereby, it turned out to be a wish dream. Drugs meant to cure are now drugs to get high, even among eighth graders and their parents. Haunted by the past, these drugs seem our only means of escape. Adding to escape, there is sexual freedom. Fornication, adultery, divorce etc are now the spice and salt of Family Life. Even when we marry, marriage quickly becomes insipid with debilitating effects a few years later . Christians, when Family life is tattering, vespers must increase!

While Europe and the US are enjoying up to upgrading their status from skinny to overweight, others are taking courses in Famine and Poverty. Thinking of a therapy, we hope abortion or euthanasia will do by eliminating those in between life and death so that the robust can enjoy their wassails. Thitherward, the commandments (Mt 2:37-40) of God are breached at all points. Low standards of education and falling moral standards in schools are a classic example. Youngsters are given the tutelage of their decisions and custody has been shifted and is still shifting from parents and tutors to friends, Hollywood and Sports’ miserable models, jails, and children services. Now our hopes for the future are very slim. With Family Life stuttering, we are escheating the future from the youths.

Any society whereby Family Life; the heartbeat of the society has degraded into tousled morals and estranged for the sake of freedom, is a train bound to the Dead Sea floor. Our hopes would be powdered into the seabed. Life looks more miserable than ever before, with people walking on a mysterious highway and bypassing the very Life they are seeking hard in parks, bars, clubs, arenas and keyboards. Look at you on that keyboard. Yes, you! What are you looking for? Family Life. You smile; don’t you? Hahahahaha. Yet does Family Life matter most to you? If it does, then OBEY GOD.

The Ten Commandments (Ex. 20:1-17) are extracted out of public squares because they are obsolete and even some Christians (may be you too) quote from the Bible “we do no more live under the Law”. First, don’t get carried away because it would seem the Ten Commandments were given during Moses time. These same commandments were already given in what we call the creation ordinances to Adam. The difference between the Ten Commandments which we generally call Moral law and Mosaic Law (religious, ceremonial and civil) is that, the moral law was given to Moses as a microcosm of Man; meanwhile, the Mosaic Law was given to Moses as a microcosm of Israel.

Therefore, the Mosaic Law bound a given people and culture, but it loses its strength when transcending foreign cultures. In case of assimilation, it becomes ethnocentric, that could lead to acculturation of the adopter. For that reason, proper hermeneutics beckons a thorough exegesis for the Bible to be applied dynamically equivalent. For example, an American woman who delivers a male child does no more become unclean because it was given to Jewish women alone (Lev. 12:2) and not all women on earth whereas the injunction not to kill is for both Americans and Jews. More so, Moral Law is not relative whereas Mosaic Law is. In addition, considering that moral law is part of God, it does not abrogate (Mt 5:17-19); meanwhile, Mosaic Law does because each individual must enter into covenant with God (Mt 22:32). Thus, taking them out, Family Life becomes a highway with no parapets. In highways with no breastworks, we see head on collisions (assaults), flips over (deaths and divorce), derailing (cheatings), lost control (estrangement and separations) and traffic violations (abuses). Family Life may have a police report, some with and others without insurance, but it needs better laws to guide its highway because the motorists are twinging. Gross modo, Family Life needs a rescue operation from this putrescence. You and I should be part of the team.

Each of us has an important thing in their heart that matters most. We stay close to it and feel threaten when in jeopardy. So what matters to you most? Can anyone tell me why we go to Dr Phil, court shows, and other public places to solve family matters? Can anyone tell me why the therapist hears our marital problems before even our family members? Can anyone tell me when was the last time they had a family meeting to solve a marital problem? Can anyone tell me why some of us don’t know our first cousins, yet we know people over the internet? How can we hold a meeting when the families are dysfunctional? So you ask. Nowadays, Family Life seems a reclusive turncoat to many.

Hence, does Family Life matter most to you? Anyway, your heart is where your treasure lies. May each of us hold Family Life in high esteem as the thing that matters most to God and us, for in them we shall find Life for this chaotic world. You know a peaceful family will raise up peaceful kids. Peaceful kids will become peaceful parents. Peaceful parents will built a peaceful community. A peaceful community will build a peaceful world. You smile don’t you? You see, Family Life is the society’s heartbeat to live in peace and find fulfillment in life. You still want to read, don’t you? Sorry your fee ends here!

Until then; don’t neglect your family.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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