Saturday, August 11, 2007

Age is not a Number; you are actually getting OLD.

“And Moses went and spake these words unto all Israel. And he said unto them, I am an hundred and twenty years old this day; I can no more go out and come in: also the LORD hath said unto me, Thou shalt not go over this Jordan” (Deut 31: 1- 2). Moses was being real with himself about himself. He is no more the young vibrant fighter they knew; he was now old. Age was not just a number, but a real sign that the grave is closer than ever before. What about you? Do you realize you are getting old? A tree that refuses to dance would be made to do so by the wind. Lord; can we be real?
Laura was confused that despite her beauty, she has not had her dream man for the past 12 years. “Do you know the cause”? I asked. “Perhaps, I guess because men want me to lower my standards.” She replied chidingly. “Laura, do not lower your standard; you only need to be realistic. You want show boys, but you look like a frump. You need to keep yourself clean. Take those two pictures and compare; you are more beautiful than all of them. I responded in my direct and cold style. She looked at me and smile then replied: “before I really knew you I always got angry when I read your writings, but now I enjoy them because you seem to know my life in details.” Deep in me I am even sinfully boasting like: come on don’t you know this is the prophet himself speaking. A week after, she had changed her hair, her style and clothes. This girl who went everywhere with flipflops is now looking all business. A month later, she picked a business executive, and they are not married for 12 years with three kids. Friends, if you want a reality check ask questions to people who can give you real answers or write to Simon Cowell. Lord; Help us to Be Real!
Dear friends, many people are at the crossroads of ideal and reality. You have not had a serious relationship for a long time now because you have been waiting for Mr. Right; the guy with readymade solutions to your problems. I mean the Treasury Department, Ford Motors, the polygraph machine and laughter manufacturer. Shockingly, you have had more flies than any serious pretender. It would not be lowering your standards if you look for a real man (someone both of you will grow together) rather than the milky cow you fantasize. Say: Lord; Help her to Be Real! Someone with nothing so both of you start to build your empire together. wealth, love, friendship and greatness are all built from the scratch.
15 years ago, I had recommended a girl from our youth ministry to a friend who was single and ready to mingle. This is something I did regularly, and it worked. None of those marriages had incurred a divorce yet. My reputation as their leader laid on the line in case it was a bad hookup. She ignored us for some time then at last flashed the false pretext that she wanted to go to Law School, though she wanted an ATM machine. She did not go to Law school and despite her beauty; nature restituted her very coins of snobbery. She has been desperate for a good man because she was tired of donors in ATM robes. Hitherto, she is still without the fantasy man. She once moaned: “for real, I am no more the 21 year old that men were running after. I am now a 44 year old woman with Men on pause and menopause at my door. I wish I listened to you."
Do not be bewitched that age is just a number. It is not; it is a sonnerie that forces mankind to face reality. Old age is pursuing you with all its baggage. No drug will reborn your uterus, no maquillage will hide your wrinkles, and the nursing home beckons you from family and friends. I guess because your friends call you gurl, so you think you are still a girl.  Please, cry: Lord; Help Me to Be Real!
Brian was an overweight teenager who wanted to play in the NFL. His pounds prevented him from jogging. Friends and relatives flattered him that he was not obese but only big or thick. Five years later, we crossed paths at the grocery store. He told me that no coach retained him because he lacked speed. I know it is not a bad thing to dream, but though Brian dreams of cutting a hefty contract in NFL, he may die a dreamer. The reality is that only those who are agile are selected. He must face reality; acknowledge he is overweight, trim down, and he will find a solution to some of his problems. Lord; Help him to Be Real!
Mikiriwa’s favorite phrase was “age is a number”. After all, he drank from creeks twice younger his age. All of them called him baby boy. On his 40th birthday, he had 4 of them pregnant and then disappeared into the woods. The ideal is for baby boys to play around, but the reality is for real men to raise up their kids to be helpmeets in the community. Therefore, Mikiriwa must cry: Lord; Help Me to Be Real!
Sylvain graduated with a PhD in Mathematics, but for nine years he has not had a job in his field. Should he lower his standards? Not at all! Happy is the man who goes hunting for squirrels but catches an elephant. He should look for a bread winning job while waiting to land his dream job. If he gets his side job and he becomes satisfied, then he has lowered his standard. How many people were trained as doctors but are working as security guards? Some are now nurses, and they are very satisfied. Those are the ones who have lowered their standards. Never sell yourself short. Lord; Help Me to Be Real!
Josephina was dating hotty Andrew, and they had two kids. Andrew dumped her for another woman. Josephina has judged every man that came her way through the disappointing eyeglasses Andrew gave her. A resentful past transferred into her present has embittered her future. “PA what should I do”? She asked. Listen: you must delete and expunge all the files called Andrew. In the presence of reality let the winners reject the shadows. Lord; Help Me to Be Real!
So let me ask you this? Do you think you are still the little girl that ran around naked? Or the teenager that had twelve advances per day? Do you think you are still the Kool Aid that women all wanted to quench their thirst with? Don’t you see the nursing home and death staring you in the face? See, you have to be real with yourself; those ideals you have long fantasized about have eluded you. It is time to make a reality check on the ground. Age is a number to those who want to be flattered but a testament that we are getting old for those who want to be real. Lord; help me to be real.

Until then, if the lion cannot find flesh let it eat grass.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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