Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Syncretism is when two religions come together to form a third religion. When a Jew and Gentile mate, their offspring was called Samaritan. I wonder what I should call her since she has mingled with western ideologies that she is now in between. Let’s call her Africarina. This is a lady born by African parents in Africa and emplaned to foreign land. Neither was she brought in manacles and shackles nor was she born out of Africa. Nonetheless, the forces of the society made her run away for fortune and for refuge. She already had the world underneath her feet but no roof over her head. Now she tramples the rumpled and crumpled tapestry of foreign life.

Prior to visiting the West, Africarina was breastfeeding her baby for even two years. Breastfeeding prolonged the life of her baby, gave the child fewer infections and reduced her rate of breast cancer. Breast cancer was not common with her type. Now, she says she is an emulous “Lady”. The feeding bottle has replaced breastfeeding.

After her baby, she divorced. Africarina does not have the same chances to make love like Tammy, her western friend. She is not flippant due to her upbringing. She was taught to wait for a man to tell her “I love you. Can we have a date”? Meanwhile, Tammy struts the opposite direction. Therefore, Africarina lairs in a love tabefaction. She knows many African women who came to the west single but could not find a mate until today. As for the African man who leaves the west to Africa to look for a wife, we just have to boost his self-confidence. The same goes for the African woman.

Erroneously, the African man believes Tammy is better in bed than Africarina. If that was so, then no western man will desire a foreign woman. However, Tammy would permit the man to explore everywhere and positions tabooed to Africarina; leaving the man wanting Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. That doesn’t necessary guarantee fulfillment either. There is some magic that makes her feel you are thinking with her heart. Furthermore, Tammy can go on the internet and fish while Africarina tills the factory. When she escapes the noise of the giant fan, she dreams and streams to other moneymaking machines.

Make no mistake, no woman is superior or inferior to another. In darkness, the peacemaker is a mere orifice, no matter the color or continent as such every water quenches fire! You smile; don’t you?

Africarina complains that the African man has left her for Tammy. Well the reason is simple; she surprises the African man with her chameleon behavior. Tammy does not surprise the African man because he expected it. Therefore, it is better to deal with the devil you know than the angel you do not know he says.

Africarina is struggling to unmewed herself that she wants to speak like Tammy. Meanwhile, the latter does not want to imitate her. That is what makes her inferior. She forgets everybody has an accent. Which of the western dialects of English would she imitate? She speaks in-between English language and madness with her nostrils and mouth in lallation. Africarina speak like you were born by your mother. Why feel inferior? Oh why Africarina? In her early twenties, she thought by recusing and using the F-word every minute means she was now like Tammy. Who tells you the Tammys with that ignivomous language are worth any attention?

I heard and saw Africarina put her husband out and claimed the property. She wants to show her emancipation. Africarina, the African man does not need this. Before the Tammys could be emancipated, you were already free to rule. Examples are Mwami Ndahiro I Riyange of Rwanda and the Modjadji V of South Africa (traditionally called the Rain Queen) who were leading their villages long before feminism ever showed its marriage breaking head worldwide. During the time they reigned, Tammy was still in her fetters and brass of male chauvinism.

Africarina wanted all her relatives in the house but none from the husband’s. If one comes in, she starts to fall fits. Tammy does not pose that problem if from the beginning she was drilled. On the contrary, Africarina knows that but she is just plain greedy.

Why does Africarina lam away from the politics of her host country? She and her friends emplaned as lawyers, doctors and teachers, but now they work as a CNA, customer service and married to the giant fan living hoity-toity, despite their education. When Africarina was fighting for a post, the post meant nothing to a rat or a cockroach. Africarina only wants to look like Tammy in vice but not in virtue. Africarina wake up! I say wake up! Stop trying to assert your leadership only in the house with your husband. Now that she is husbandless she looks for any gathering she can thump her Napoleonic grandeur or says she is a businesswoman. I guess the goods are in between her legs.

I went to the stadium looking for Africarina to show her prowess as the young athletic queen we knew. I only saw someone with a popsicle in the stand. She came here like an Ethiopian tadpole, but now she looks like a frog and frump because she has upgraded to a MacDonald Super Size. The slim little girl is now a potbelly woman, unable to breath and run though my age. Africarina nitpicks that her men are running after Tammy and homemades. Why wouldn’t they? Tammy is in the Gym to keep her shape while Africarina is in the factory, frazzling her body with overtime. I went to the factory on Valentine’s Day and I met only Africarina filling in, making the same money like Tammy. Vacation is a new word to her. She is overworking herself to sleep and snore when the husband is a man. Who wants a dead horse for pervastistry? Africarina, money is not also all of life. Life is worth more than just that money. I am not saying she should be a model but treat those palms to be soft. They may wound it bad. You could be big but stay in shape Africarina. Where are the little tadpoles that came form Africa?

Tammy moved to Africa and adapted to her environment (ask Ghana) but Africarina, lives and will die a stranger. If you ran from political persecution and your presidents always rule for life, then you may die abroad. Hahahahaha. Take for instance, in Cameroon, Biya says he still has 20 years. If you are 40, you may only go back when you are 60. What are you going to do in Cameroon at 60? You will die after two years anyway. Hahahahaha. Africarina wake up! This is your home.

Africarina used to be very spiritual. Now she does not even go to church. Her friends who preach do not even know the basics of homiletics. What is the difference between Joyce Myers and you Africarina? Synagogues in Israel were places of worship Jews erected to replace the abandoned temple in Jerusalem during their captivity. No people can separate themselves from their belief system even on the run or in bondage because in it, they live and have their being. Africarina, take your place. Come back home to that place where everyone said Africarina my Africarina.

Until then, be yourself if you want the African Man.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

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